Here’s my testimonial. I mean every word of it!!

I had problems with bats in the attic of my old house for years and I tried many other services who gladly took my money, promised that they had taken care of it, but refused to guarantee their work because my house had so many small gaps and holes. Time and time again, the bats found ways to get into the attic and keep me awake. In the middle of the night, in desperation, I called VaMoose Varmint. Within the hour he was at the house, assuring me that he could take care of things. I checked references and found that those customers were completely satisfied with their results. I hired VaMoose for the job and I have not had a single problem since they finished the work! I only wish I had used them from the beginning. Trustworthy, kind, professional…I highly recommend them!

Wendy in Kalamazoo

VaMoose Varmint

"I would like to thank VaMoose Varmint for doing a neat and clean job. I would also like to thank VaMoose Varmint from removing the bats from my home, this was the first time I have made it all summer without a bat problem."

Lake City
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