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VaMoose Varmint is owned and operated by these three gentlemen in the images above Paul is on the left, Dan in the Middle and Shaun bringing up the rear. We are a group who prides ourselves in knowing how to get rid of bats for people who does not know how to, plus leaving their home in better shape then what we started with. Plus not bats of course. Dan, Paul and Shaun grew up together doing everything outdoors they could possibly do. We all went our separate ways in our live but yet came back together 10 years ago to work together and bring our qualities together and generated a very quality oriented company.

Our Mission:
VaMoose Varmint is confided to supply higher-ranking Quality and Services that Consistently surpass our clients Expectation.

Company Profile:
VaMoose Varmint is certified and insured.

VaMoose Varmint deliver Nationally Certified Wildlife Damage Professionals (CWDP), graduates of the National Wildlife Damage Management Academy. (NWDMA) The NWDMA classes brought the basic and advanced techniques of bat exclusion to our knowledge base. We were taught by the most leading names in Bat eviction known today.

Nationally Certified Bat Exclusion Professionals (CBEP). This certification is brought to us by Bats Conservation International.

Michigan Animal Damage Control Association (MADCA) endorsed and certified.

VaMoose Varmint attends education seminars annually to maintain updated on all up to date methods about trapping and exclusion to offer our clients the most effective technology available.

Certified Master Trappers.

VaMoose Varmint also had the privilege in teaching in the fall 2008 fall seminar on bat exclusion.

VaMoose Varmint technicians is existing members with the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) and the Michigan Animal Damage Control Association (MADCA).

VaMoose Varmint

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