How to get rid of bat Services

Exclusion Services
VaMoose Varmint provides exclusion services that will keep the bats out of your home. We have not found any places on a home that has not been able to exclude to keep bats out. We will guarantee our services so you will be satisfied that the bats are gone and if you follow our plan we will even guarantee your whole home from further bat re-infestation. If not we WILL take care of the problem again. We are not in the habit of coming back again and we don't plan on starting any time soon. What I am trying to say is we do the job right the first time so we will not have to resolve another bat problem for you the next year. We are confident everything we do will be pleasing in your eyes and in your hearts knowing we worked hard on your project to perform the job right the first time.

VaMoose Varmint

Cedar Bat Houses
Bat houses can be a key role during a bat eviction process. A bat house can not be used to make the bat colony move from your home to the bat house. This will not work and I have not yet seen in work. Just because you have placed a bat house on your property will not make the colony move to the bat house. A bat house can be use to help facilitate the colony in relocation and lessen the stress on the colony during the eviction process. On the green side of things it can also be looked at is the bat house will keep the bats around you property and keeping the bug population down while they are feeding on them during the night.
Bat Guano Removal
Bat Guano Removal is the process of cleaning up after the bats. Bat can leave large quantities of guano behind and cause health and home quality issues. The health issues with bat guano is due to the possibility of contracting the disease Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is an upper respiratory infection, more or less mold will form in your lungs and could get out of hand if you body does not fight the infection. Otherwise doctors can help you with this problem. Don't hesitate on going to the doctors if you think this problem exists and explain the situation with them. Also bat guano has an awful smell in large quantities, it can also bleed through you ceilings with brown staining. The cleanup process usually takes all insulation from the attic space and guano with it with specialized equipment. Then the space will be deodorized and re-insulated.
Extended Bat Warranties
Extended warranties are similar to the ones you can receive with you new Plasma TV. The difference is we will re-inspect your home provide any minor touch ups if needed and supply another bat warranty to keep your piece of mind and the safety of the investment of your home.
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